Why Martinique Should Be Your Next Caribbean Vacation Destination.

Frederick Rincon
3 min readAug 17, 2023


Turquoise waters and sugary alike sand beaches. Lush rainforests waterfalling down from volcanic peaks. The delicious aroma of fresh creole cuisine mingling with funky Zouk music in the balmy breeze. Martinique brings together the quintessential Caribbean dream into one intoxicating paradise island getaway.

Yet Martinique remains overlooked compared to tourist-packed neighbors like Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. And that’s exactly why it should top your list for an idyllic tropical escape. Martinique offers a vibrant Caribbean vibe with that dose of classic French joie de vivre that makes the island so magnifique to visit.

Image source: Martiniquequeens.com

A Tropical Playground

Gorgeous beaches for days? Check. Volcanic peaks smothered in rainforests? Yep. Funky little beach bars bumping reggae? Mais oui. Martinique truly dazzles with insane natural beauty and serious island style.

Surf breaks like Anse Bonneville offer waves when you wanna shred. But you can just as easily sink into a lounge chair with a rum punch in hand at one of the dozens of mellow beaches. Up for adventure? Trek through steamy jungles to secret waterfalls only the locals know. Or soak in volcanic mud baths under the shadow of Mount Pelée.

Under the Radar Paradise

Most people flock to Cancun or Punta Cana for vacays. Jamaica and Puerto Rico also pull huge crowds. Even upscale spots like Turks & Caicos or the Caymans draw lots of tourists. But magical Martinique? It somehow stays under the radar.

And that’s exactly why you should visit. Martinique gives you all the Caribbean vibes without battling crowds at the top sites. The beaches stay quiet and chill, resort rates don’t bust your budget, and getting around is smooth sailing.

Vibrant Island Culture

On Martinique, you get this amazing blend of French, Caribbean, African, and Indian culture blended into one vibrant identity. Taste curries with a Parisian twist and tour plantations echoing with African myths. Sway along to reggae fused with African beats. Island life here gives you the best mashup of continental and island culture.

And make no mistake, Martinique also brings that classic Caribbean charm. Beach barbecues, rum punch sunsets, spicy chien sauces with the catch of the day — this island paradise checks all the boxes. Throw in lush rainforests, sleepy villages, and volcanic peaks and you’ve got quintessential Caribbean.

Hassle-Free Travel

Visiting Martinique is simply easy. They use the Euro, so no coin confusion and crazy exchange rates. Great roads and infrastructure means getting around is smooth sailing. Flights come direct from North America daily, not just seasonal charters. And costs stay budget friendly compared to other Caribbean hot spots especially with flare tickets.

Time to Escape

Turquoise waters, chill vibes, mouthwatering fusion eats, crazy wild rainforests, velvet soft sands — Martinique brings it all together into an island escape that’s beyond compare. Ditch the crowded tourist traps and head to Martinique for the Caribbean vacay of your dreams. Let those ocean breezes and island rhythms seduce you. Your Caribbean paradise awaits, baby.