What if we inspire on AI for a new car model?

Frederick Rincon
4 min readAug 21, 2023


My go to rear view after spending 20$ on AI costs. (Still not perfect)

I hope this message finds you well. As you may know, I have been immersed in several high-priority freelance projects for Reiza (AMS2) and my own private projects (Patreon page) for the GT1/GT2 and GT4’s + Fuji and a Paul Ricard PBR revamp.. However, as my own commitments approach completion end next year, I am eager to focus on a new creative endeavor that will truly break new ground.

Some examples of cars I made before that are used in RF2:

3D cars I made before.
Alpine LMP1 image source: https://frederickalonso.com/

I believe there is tremendous potential in exploring how artificial intelligence can enhance and catalyze the automotive design process. Recently, I submitted several sketches and ideas to an AI system. While it sometimes drifted into fanciful interpretations, with patience I was able to guide the AI toward producing novel and thought-provoking concepts. I lost around 40€ on AI costs.

AI and my own Photoshop tweaks to guide it thru my vision, for the race car I see metal framework in this.

Attached you will find some of the most promising AI-generated designs, including novel seating, body lines, lighting arrangements and aerodynamic features. I believe there are elements in each of these that could be brought together to create a bold and distinctive new sports car aesthetic. The AI opened up possibilities I would never have conceived on my own and now I’m almost wanting to start on it due to what it could be!

Of course, realizing a complete prototype would be an ambitious undertaking. But I believe if we can distill the most creative aspects of these AI designs, we can develop a unique identity and atmosphere theme for an all-new model that would capture the world’s imagination. This car could break the mold of established brands and truly embody the future of transportation.

Also as die hard modder/modeller I can make a statement against big car designers.

I welcome your thoughts on the viability of this initiative and how we may work together to bring this vision to life. Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any aspect of this proposal. I look forward to exploring where this technology-assisted creativity may take us.

Let’s go thru my attempts:

After around 500 attempts for a possible dashboard:

I kept pushing it in a direction to have a raw idea.
After + 500 attempts I started to prompt to build upon the liked images, then said to straighten the shapes more.

A clean look that is functional is what I would love to have.

Example of hidden air vents I like at bottom seat and dash on the left side:

The result on the bottom was the above (50 attempts later). Notice we have some specular and details in place now. I told it do add these as what we see. The S shaped console is my own idea that now looks even more interesting due to it’s function on the air intake at the left of black dashboard.

For the seats this was my best result:

Now the biggest of all, the outside I should combine in some way.

The front and more details are continued on my Patreon page, free to view article. Question now is, what would be the best options. Then start to model this car in 3D, bring it into simulators and experience “the animal” for real. God knows if this reaches a potential where it might be used as concept car for the next big thing.

This was cool but not yet there :)